crazy excited.

And so it begins. The waiting. I’ve been here before, 2 times in fact. It‘s familiar and yet so unknown. 2 kids are on the way! Good news. We know they are coming, but that’s about all we get to know right now. Will they be girls or boys? Perhaps one of each? What will their names be? What will they look like? What will their personalities be like? Will they be athletic? Musical? Will they love books or science or computers? Our kids are coming via adoption, but at this point it feels so much like a pregnancy. We are expecting. We have 2 little lives on the way. These lives are beloved to us already. They are anticipated, wanted, loved.

We are just beginning the process to identify our children and bring them home. We are in what is called the “home study” phase, where we are gathering documents, completing background checks and undergoing training so that we can be deemed fit to adopt. Once the home study is complete and some additional paperwork is completed and filed with the government, we will be able to begin the process of being referred the children. There’s a lot of detail, but the bottom line is this: we are going to be waiting a while before we know much (yet another similarity to pregnancy).

We do know that our children will be coming from Uganda. We know what orphanage they are at and have seen pictures of the kids, the facility and the women who care for the kids. We have read up on this awesome orphanage and the work they are doing in their community. We don’t know if any of the kids featured in the pictures will be “ours” and it will be a while until we get to know that (but we can’t wait to find out the names and faces of these two beloveds).

We will keep you updated on the process via this blog, so feel free to check back often! We appreciate your love and prayers and support as we begin this crazy journey. We are so glad we aren’t in this alone.

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