what the kids think.

A few months ago, I was reading a book with Macy in her room. She put the book down, looked at me, and said “mom, I want a sister. But I don’t want you to have a baby in your belly, I want you to adopt.” I figured there was no way she knew what it meant to adopt, but she was adamant. When I asked her to explain she said, “ it’s when we find someone that doesn’t have a mom and dad and we bring them to our house and you become their mom, and dad becomes their dad, and we tell them that God loves them.”

Many people have asked how Macy and Owen are reacting to the news of their coming siblings. They are beyond excited. In fact, one of the reasons we have had to “go public” with the news so early is that Macy is so excited that she is talking about it with everyone she sees. She usually leads with something like “we have a secret. It’s a surprise and it’s coming in about a year. It’s coming from Uganda!” more recently she’s just started telling people that she has a sister with brown skin in Uganda. We are trying to prep her for the reality that she may not get a sister (in her words, we will get “whatever God brings us”), but the bottom line is that she is excited about having 2 more kids in our home. Owen is equally thrilled, hoping for a brother to play football with (his current life-stage revolves around wanting to “play” some sort of sport 24/7. His dad is enjoying this very much. Shoot, I am too).

Although my kids probably have no idea what is coming their way, I am so glad that they are excited about the idea of sharing the love and the fun of our home with 2 others. It seems that they know we have a good thing going on, and they are ready to invite others into that. As a mom, I think that’s pretty cool.


2 thoughts on “what the kids think.

  1. Watching our kids walk through the adoption process was such an unexpected blessing and privilege. Glad you are enjoying it too!!

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