crazy things i say these days

(To a friend) “Will you take a picture of us signing these documents?”

(To the Fedex woman) “Do you mind if we take a picture of you with the envelope before you take it away?”

Each of my kids have a whole book chronicling my pregnancy with them. It’s a story that tells of how excited we were about them and how loved and anticipated they were from day 1. I want my next two kids to have the same thing. Though I don’t have a pregnancy to chronicle, I do have a season of expectancy. I want these kids to know that, just like their brother and sister, they also have an army of people who love them and who can’t wait to meet them, hold them, and live life with them. I want them to know that they have a mom and a dad who are waiting for them and who are anticipating their arrival (kids: we are coming for you!!!!). These kids are loved already and have a family that is making preparations for their arrival.

So these days I find myself taking pictures of unusual things (and asking friends to do the same)- like the fedex woman who picked up the official contract and the text message from a friend who heard the good news.  All these things will be saved and compiled in a book and will become part of our family story.

Thank you for participating in this journey, for the role you already play in our kids’ lives, and for your patience in helping us capture and preserve the memories of this crazy adventure.

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