It’s 1:29am. Im still awake. Happy to report that the official copies of our birth and marriage certificates have been ordered. This is a BIG deal and a weight off my shoulders tonight. Let’s just hope I got the right ones (you wouldn’t believe how much research it took to figure out which are the “right ones”)! Once we have them in our possession, we will need to submit them to the Secretary of State to be apostilled. This has also taken much research to figure out what an apostille is, and how to go about getting one. As soon as I can verify that I have done this correctly, I will post the links to the services I used. Hopefully someone will find it helpful and will have to do less research (and maybe not stay up so dang late). Oh well, worth it! (Did you catch that kids? Staying up a little late to get you home as quick as possible… totally worth it)

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