#$%@ people say to transracial families

I’ve been thinking, reading and talking a lot about what it will mean for us to be a transracial family. It’s one of those things that is really hard to talk about for fear of offending someone. I appreciate this video because it pokes fun at the things adoptive parents hear, and the awkward conversations that result when people ask about the adoption. I know we will hear (shoot, we’ve already heard) some of them, but to all my friends, family, and the strangers I will meet who want to talk about the adoption but don’t know how, it’s ok. We’ll figure it out together (and probably laugh a lot in the process). Just try to save the craziest questions for when the kids aren’t around.

2 thoughts on “#$%@ people say to transracial families

  1. It reminds me of the grace I will need as I become a Foster parent. I am enjoying your posts as well as learning so much from them. It never occurred to me what people might say about the race & characteristics of the blessing you adopt.
    May God direct & bless everything you are doing!!!

  2. I am an adopted old lady- Just plain white to plain white folk. This is so hilarious!! Still a lot of the typical adoption ignorance, real parents etc. Can you imagine what weirdness Hebrew Moses went through growing up in his Egyptian environment. Praying for safe travels and glorious living! My husband I have traveled to Uganda a few times on mission trips, beautiful country and people!

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