vaccinations (check!)



After a visit to the travel doctor, 17 vaccinations between the 4 of us, and three different prescriptions for “precautionary medications,” we are one step closer to being ready for our trip to Uganda.

These are the faces of my strong and brave kids after the vaccinations were complete.

On this thanksgiving weekend we are thankful for modern medicine AND for lollipops. One step closer…


Today, while shopping for winter clothes for Macy I came across a little toddler outfit that I desperately wanted to buy for my coming daughter. I may not know what she looks like yet, but I could almost picture her in it. As I sat and admired the outfit, I became excited at the thought of being able to dress her and shop for her. Excited to be able to go through the tubs of Macy’s hand-me-downs, pull out the clothes in her size, wash them, and put them away in her drawers. 

I still am excited, even as I type this.

But I do not yet know her, or what size she will wear. This seems to highlight the fact that I don’t even know when she is coming, or when I will know any of these things for that matter. 

How I long to know that face. To know her age. To have her near enough that I can dress her.

My dear daughter, your mom is waiting. And she can’t wait to do your laundry.

kids passports (check)


kids passports (check)

We spent the weekend checking a few items off of our “things to do before we can travel to Uganda” checklist. Macy and Owen were particularly excited to get passports of their very own. They seem to love any chance they get to be involved in the process… I guess doing even small things like this make it feel a little more “real” for all of us.

love notes


love notes

This morning Macy came into the room bearing her latest art projects. As she proudly presented them to me she said, “Mom, I need you to mail these to my brother and sister in Africa. I want them to know we are thinking about them and that we love them.”

Looking forward to the day when we know those little names and faces (and genders!) and can drop these love notes in the mail for real… until then, dear “brother and sister”, we love you and we are thinking about you constantly.

if you dream it, they will come (one day)

Macy, half awake, entering my room at an hour of the morning no mom wants to be awake: “Mom! Are we going to Uganda today?”

Me, confused, maybe slightly grumpy: “Not today. Why?”

Macy: “I thought you just came in my room and woke me up and said we are leaving in 45 minutes?”

Ugh. Sad to explain to this sweet girl that sometimes we have dreams that are so vivid, we think they are real. If only…