“the” update

Ok, so here it is… the complete update. Ok, maybe not. But it’s all we can give right now.

A few weeks back (Friday May 30th, to be exact), we got a call from our agency saying that they had a potential match for us. Boy were they right! We were sent the files for two little ones- their medical reports, family background, the story of how they came to be orphaned, their photos. With each piece of news came new things to celebrate, more questions to ask, and some things to mourn (any trauma endured by a baby is hard to hear of, but when you read the story of YOUR child’s trauma it’s an all together different kind of a sadness). Since that point in time life has been a sea of paperwork, emails, late night work sessions, question asking, and today (TODAY!) we are relieved to report that we have officially accepted that referral.

You might be wondering: Where are the photos? How old are they? What are their names? Valid questions. These are things you will not be able to read on here until after the adoption is officially complete (sorry). There are many laws about what can and cannot be posted, and for the protection of our children and the integrity of our case, we have to keep those fun details out of cyber-space. I do promise to post updates of the general kind so you can stay up to date on our progress and stay with us on the journey. I hope at some point over the next few days to make some back-posts of things that have happened over the last few weeks. Stories, photos, quotes, etc that have kept me going. With all that has been going on I have had no mental bandwidth for writing (and if you know me, that says a lot), but now that I have 5 pounds of paperwork off my back I’m hoping to free up some creative space. After all, this is the fun stuff!

Thanks to all of you who are with us on this journey and who are continually reminding us of that through your presence and encouragement. We literally could not do it without you. As I said in a text this week to a friend of mine who has also adopted, “this adoption stuff is not for the faint of heart.” I’m tired. But expectant and crazy excited.

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