what happens now

After the “how old are they, what do they look like, and what are their names” questions, we typically get asked about what happens next. Here’s the adoption forecast for the next few weeks:

  1. We wait. For a court date, that is. Court is where we obtain official legal guardianship of our children. Once we have this date, we will make our travel plans. Typically, we are told that court dates happen about 4 weeks after referral acceptance, but in this case it will be extended longer due to a “vacation” that the Ugandan courts take from mid-July to mid-August.
  2. We prepare. Books to read, room to paint, baby clothes to wash, furniture to assemble, supplies to buy… there’s lots to be done!
  3. We pack (or at least get ready to). I have created two spreadsheets of things we need to get for our trip and things we need to pack. The packing list may or may not be already broken down by person and by bag (yes, I’m a little type-A).
  4. We plan. Flights, accommodations, coverage at work. The little things, ha.

Clearly there’s no shortage of things to do, but these are the things I’ve really been wanting to do (and waiting to do) this whole time. If you’d like to join in the preparation, there’s all sorts of tasks on my list that you can share in. Target run? Playlist making? Web-browsing? Painting? Handymanning? Organizing? Sorting? Washing? You name it, I probably need it. I’ve also not been known to turn down a chai or a night out. After all, this momma’s gonna need an occasional break.

2 thoughts on “what happens now

  1. Jessica, please text or call me, I will do anything! I love to organize, but am flexible and want to help. Just watched the DVD of going to Japan to pick up Christina and thought about your family! xox, Pat

  2. Jess, still working on raising money but I can physically help with sorting, organizing, washing, etc. PLEASE let me know when you can use me, I am available for you & your family.

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