day 1 highlights

A few other highlights from day 1:

  • Meeting the kids (come on now, you knew that was going to be at the top)
  • Macy and Owen sleeping in until we woke them at 10am.
  • The view out of our bedroom window this morning (Lake Victoria. Every bit as pretty as I’d imagined)
  • A huge thunderstorm that blew through (the density of the rain, the sounds, the smells… it was perfect)
  • The lush green nature all around us.
  • The orphanage director asking me if Tyra is my daughter (!)
  • A tiny room PACKED full of small orphan children singing (the beauty of their voices and the heartbreak of their cry, Hosanna, God save us)
  • Dave’s prayer over those small children (how do you respond when the director asks you to pray for the other children NOT going home with a mom and dad, that they, too, would be adopted? Needless to say, he nailed it. Hopefully one day they understand and experience the truth of the words he spoke. Hopefully they also get to experience the reality of being placed in an actual family, soon)
  • Macy and Owen. More than in their element here. Embracing the craziness of changed time zones, pancakes that don’t taste like pancakes, strange smells, new siblings, no schedule, and loving the heck out of all the kids at that children’s home today. They jumped right in, with smiles ear to ear. I could not be more proud. Wish y’all could have seen it (I mean honestly, most common logic says one should avoid taking 4 and 6 year old children on such crazy adventures. They were made for it.)

2 thoughts on “day 1 highlights

  1. So beautiful Jess… Blessed and inspired by this journey and praying unity, love, and peace over all of you 🙂

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