day 3 highlights

Tonight I’m real tired. It’s been a long first week, with tomorrow being the pinnacle day- our court hearing. We have to be up at 5:15am, so I’m going to keep this short.

A few noteworthy things to share today:

  • 9am and all the kids in the house were still asleep. Getting a look at all of them while they snoozed was priceless. I’m a happy mom of 4. They are all in one place. Good news.
  • Came down stairs to Tyra and Sophie cooking a feast for all of us. Such a great morning surprise. These two are keeping us sane right now, while making sure Macy and Owen have a blast, even when we spend the ENTIRE day at the medical clinic getting tests and seeing doctors (which is what we did today, ha).
  • Had a house full of new friends this morning and shared the table tonight (with an amazing view from the highest point in Kampala) with some of the same friends. #thatdidnttakelong
  • Watched Dave flawlessly handle the most difficult child at bedtime. We used to call him the baby whisperer, and it’s evident those skills haven’t diminished one bit.
  • Both the twins pulled themselves up to standing today for the first time in our presence. They are getting more comfortable, that is so good to see. Also good to see because we were told the boy wouldn’t be able to walk until after he has a surgery in the US that will release the contracture caused by a severe burn on his leg. Looks like he will be able to walk either way, which is good news!
  • A perfect moment today where both sets of kids played together and laughed and smiled and messed around with each other. A picture of many more times to come, I’m sure. You can bet I’ll share pictures of that (do you know how much it pains me to not be able to post pics here? ah!)
  • The twin bond is real. They played peek a boo, exchanged some baby talk (which they haven’t done much with us yet either), and physically comforted one another when they were sad. It’s crazy to watch!

That’s all I have the mental capacity for tonight. Tomorrow is important. We are the first case being heard in the morning, on the first day court is back open. That still blows my mind. We don’t expect a ruling until next week, but hopefully it won’t take too long before a decision is reached. It will be an interesting day with many different dynamics in play. I still feel ready and at rest.

3 thoughts on “day 3 highlights

  1. Rest is good. Thank you Jesus.
    Praying for abundant grace and mercy as your new family is officially named at court today.

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