court day.

Made it through a morning at the courthouse. Wasn’t at all what I expected and wasn’t easy either. So many different dynamics with the judge, the overwhelming amount of paperwork, the relatives of the kids, the head of the children’s home, our kids trying to processing what was happening and who was there, and differing ideas of how to handle fussy babies. By the time we got out of there, I was mentally and emotionally tapped. That surprised me. Now we wait for the ruling, which is supposed to be given next Thursday at 2pm. 

After court was done, we ate more Indian food and then headed for home where we spent the afternoon resting, re-grouping, and playing. It was just what we all needed. The four kids are becoming more and more comfortable with one another as the days go by and they are having a lot of fun playing together. Tonight, when Macy was going to bed she said, “it’s so fun having 4 kids in our family now. I’m so glad we adopted them. How many more can we adopt?” I’m looking forward to more days like this afternoon, where we don’t have much we “have” to do, and just get to work on figuring each other out and enjoying this beautiful country together.

Sorry it’s a short one tonight…  it’s all I’ve got.


2 thoughts on “court day.

  1. I started reading from the first blog about you leaving, just to catch up and hear what was happening. Full of joy and literally laughing out loud at times.

    I was surprisingly encouraged by your words and Godly perspective on life! Your ability to stay optimistic in the midst of chaos is so encouraging to me to try to do the same..I guess that’s why your blog is called embracing crazy. Haha.

    Know I’m praying for your time. I am so excited to see pictures soon! Hi to Dave, Sophie, and Tyra. Be encouraged and filled with the Spirit as your blog has made me!

    Peace and love and ship.

  2. Jess and David – praying for a positive outcome for your court ruling. And for more days like this afternoon! Thank you for keeping us all so “in the loop”. Love you all so much and so honored to be on this journey with you all.

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