progress report- week one

Three cheers today for Nakato (girl, second born of twins) who has shown the biggest improvement of any day so far. We are thrilled that she fell asleep at both nap and bedtime with only 10 minutes of crying, especially since yesterday she reached a record 1 hour of screaming at bed time (note, this is not the “cry it out” method we have used with Macy and Owen, this is us, staying in the room with her while she falls asleep for comfort. totally different ball game. and she still cries!). Good times. We are hoping that each day the crying lessens a bit as she learns she is safe and not alone. 

Nakato also showed improvements on the eating front- allowing Macy to approach her and even touch her at the dinner table while food was present. That would NOT have happened without major opposition just a day ago. Again, signs of trust being built.

Finally, Nakato has shown overall improvement in her affection and eye-contact with all of us. She is more playful, laughs more, and initiates play with us and with her siblings. She has even started giving “kisses” to all of us, which was Macy’s highlight of the day today.

Waswa (boy, first born of twins) is also doing well. He’s been the opposite of his sister- he started out super accommodating and easy going, and now, as he gets more comfortable, he is testing some limits. Nothing super serious, but we hear him test his “voice” a little more now than we did initially. We take this as a good thing.

We got some results back from our day at the clinic last week. We did a re-test on a few of the tests from our medical report because the doctors were trying to figure out the reason for some symptoms the kids were having. Even though we showed them previous results, they wanted to test again, particularly for HIV and for Sickle Cell Anemia. Both tests came back negative. The stool test revealed that Waswa has Girardia, and so he will need to go on antibiotics to treat that. Both kids are also anemic and malnourished (no surprise there), so they need to do some iron and folic acid supplements. We will figure out where to get those tomorrow. Overall, good news. We continue to be on track to getting these kids healthy and developmentally up to speed!

We also have implemented a routine, and that is making all of us a little more sane. The twins were not used to taking naps, but what I know of 22 month old kids is that they seem to do better when they have a nap. So, now, they nap. And they nap well! 2-3 hours each day. We have eliminated their little cat-naps all throughout the day (they used to fall asleep anywhere sitting up for little bits of time) and have consolidated into one longer nap in the crib. I know this routine will be disrupted regularly while we are here, due to appointments and adventures but at least we have this routine to fall back on.

3 thoughts on “progress report- week one

  1. Continue to pray for the six of you & absolutely marvel at all of you. May God’s love continue to shine! Hugs & lots of love.

  2. Thank you again so much for sending updates I know you have been such a light to all of the people you have met in your journey. I will continue to pray for all of you.

    Sophie’s mom

  3. I look forward every day for your next update. You are all so inspiring to me. Can’t wait to meet the twins. Love you guys.

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