Today was the twins one week anniversary with us! We were talking during dinner about how far the kids have come in just one week and how well it’s really going. It’s true. I am so thankful! All four of my kids have handled this last week with flexibility, grace, love, and a whole lot of good humor. I’m happy tonight to report that both the twins are finally on antibiotics and vitamins and that it seems their journey toward health and healing is well underway. Good news. I can’t quite describe the deep joy of being able to give them the nutrients they need. It’s weighty and wonderful, knowing that we are now responsible for those little mouths and the hearts that go along with them. It’s about time!

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  1. I can tell you love those babies so much already!! What saints you and your husband are! We are loving all of your posts. Feels like we are there (almost)

  2. Jess- I’ve just read all your posts and I am so happy for you guys. What an amazing experience! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Loving these posts and imaging your growing family in Uganda. You are amazing and enriching all of our lives with your blog!

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