day trip- jinja

Yesterday we day-tripped to a little town called Jinja, which is famous for being the source of the Nile river (#thingsugandasee). Our driver suggested we leave at 11 (though we talked him in to coming at 10 instead), and we were hoping to be back by 5pm. HA.

We left at 10:45 (he was late picking us up and by the time we got on the road we ended up being closer to 11 than we had wanted). We drove for over 2 hours until we arrived in Jinja (keep in mind we are driving in a van with 4 kids under 6 years old NOT in carseats and without much food or entertainment). Worth it. You should see this place. Super cute, fun town with streets lined with shops and restaurants. We stopped in and ate a one place that’s pretty much my dream model for a restaurant (who knew Uganda was progressive? I thought that it was just my good idea?). And then we shopped at some of the boutiques where I scored some great finds for the twins’ room. Then we headed for the Nile.

Another hour (at least) down a dirt road through countryside and villages that were beyond beautiful. I didn’t want to take my eyes away from the window and miss any little bit. It was hot in the car, and the drive got long. Afternoon sun was getting lower in the huge African sky. Our driver seemed confident he was taking the “short cut” but we stopped several times for directions. Some people in the car were anxious and tired of sitting. A debate was had about whether or not we should just turn around.

Finally, we pull up on a gate with a man standing at it. He asks for money, we surrender it, and he opens the gate. Our driver, confident and grinning though we have not been the most enthused bunch the last hour, pulls in and parks. We were at the Itanda falls. Breathtaking. We hiked down a little trail to get a closer look at the river and it’s powerful rapids. The Nile, at this junction, is HUGE and beautiful. Worth it for sure.

But it was late, and we still had one more stop the driver wanted to make along the Nile. Another debate was had and logic beat adventure as it just did not seem wise to keep the little ones out past 8 or 9 (which was already the earliest we could possibly get home). We headed back, another long, hot, bumpy, traffic-y ride. Only to arrive home with 2 sleeping kids, a few frustrated adults, a messy car, a hungry crew, and, no electricity. Still, in my mind, one of the greatest days of this trip so far. I’d do it again for sure. After all, avoiding craziness means missing out on a whole lot of this great big beautiful world. #idontwanttomissathing

IMG_7561 IMG_7533 IMG_7569


the nile! 


the start of the falls (it wraps around a huge corner)


this one isn’t supposed to be b&w. it’s what happens when you are trying to hike up a hill while holding a baby and taking a photo. you can appreciate how cool it would have been, ha.

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