ruling update

Unfortunately I don’t have the update I was hoping to have today. Turns out one of the Ugandan judges has died which means court shut down and all the judges left for the burial (which takes the whole day). We are told that our judge will hopefully be able to read the verdict tomorrow at 3pm (she has already done her work and come to a decision, she is just not there to announce it). I’m trying to stay positive, though it’s hard for me to imagine that with being gone today (and thus being behind in her hearings), and with her coming in later tomorrow (which the clerk told us she was) that we will hear anything. This judge does seem to be very timely and on top of it from what I can tell, so I am hopeful it will happen as we are told. Otherwise, we will wait through the weekend as well.

Thanks for being with us. Wish you all were actually with us here, too. Tonight would be a good night to gather (#imisstheritz #itsthursday #ugandacomevisit).

I may post more later- I have a backlog of posts to make. Just wanted to give you guys the update as soon as I had it.

4 thoughts on “ruling update

  1. My HB Bible study will be prayer warriors for you today to lift you and your family up! I love all your heartfelt posts and how you are are bonding as a family unit – what a wonderful journey you are all taking! Can’t wait to love on all of you when you return!

    I am studying Gideon, from Judges, 6:12, 14, & 16 – …. The Lord is with you! … I am sending you! …I will be with you!

    He is especially close to you today and will comfort you because of your disappointment on this anxiously awaited court date. Do something special with your family. Casey threw a bday BBQ for Peter and Steve. We each wrote affirmations for them. What tender moments for them as they were read aloud! Maybe a time of affirmations today for the Ludwig family!



  2. Jess and David, I feel your frustration across the miles. Praying that this judge is truly timely and that you get your reading tomorrow. Just want to know that those sweet babies are 100% yours! Praying for a good day today. Missing the Ludwig family – all six of you. Sending love and hugs to Sophie and Tyra as well. Grateful they are with you. #feelingimpatient, #imisstheritztoo

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