It’s Official!

The judge has ruled in our favor- we are now the legal guardians of the twins! Good news.

Up next: 

  • celebrate
  • post pictures (Finally! Although I have to say, I’ve had more babies in my hands than my camera as of late, ha #realitycheck . Also, getting two kids who have never been photographed to be interested and even look at the camera is a huge challenge #needthetrammellmodelfacetraining) 
  • pick up the written ruling on Monday
  • apply for passports Tuesday
  • wait for passports (safari? other adventures?)
  • visit IOM for medical screenings (with passports in hand)
  • complete the Embassy clearance process
  • come home!

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and love leading up to this point. We are just getting started, but this is a HUGE milestone.

6 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. Oh, dear Jess and David, this is such good news! I’ve been praying for you while reading your posts. May god continue to bless you and your beautiful family on this journey! Love, Toni

  2. Finally!!!! 🙂 Congratulations!!!! We are so happy for you all. They are so adorable! You have such a beautiful family!!!!!! It brings tears to my eyes that it’s official for you!! We are so happy! Sending lots of love and hugs!!!!!

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