(just the) daily update

Today we thought we were going to embassy to do a doc check so we could make sure we have all our ducks in a row before our actual interview takes place. We’ve heard this interview is a big deal, and more difficult than court. Basically, we are told that we have to be prepared to defend our case, knowing all the details of the kids background, family background, and the trial off the top of our head. No lawyer to speak on our behalf, just us. I have to admit that initially, because of all the time I have spent pouring over the files and learning the intricacies of our kids’ story, I was like, “No sweat. we’ve got this. I could do it tomorrow.” But now, I’m more interested in prepping as much as possible (I really want to get this right the first time!), so I was happy to be headed to the embassy to get a feel for it, and to make sure we understand what is expected and that all the paperwork we have is correct (yes, more paperwork to fill out, hooray!).

We were to be ready at 10am. At 10:25 I decided to call our driver. It’s very typical to be late in Uganda. In fact, late isn’t really late at all. Uganda time is VERY different. I didn’t want to seem rude, but all 4 kids were dressed and ready (no small feat! they even all looked nice!) and they were getting restless. So, I called. Embassy day got moved. To tomorrow. Which is good because now we can do our identification verification for the passports (they were filed for today) AND the embassy tomorrow, instead of having to go out twice  and pay for a driver twice. It was not good because, well, we had 4 kids dressed and ready to go (did I mention they all looked presentable?) and now we had nowhere to go. There were tears for sure. Everyone was inconvenienced. Tyra and Soph had turned down another offer for a morning out (yeah, that’s right, they are popular!) to go with us because we were going to check out some new places in the city while we were out. And now, nothing to do.

Quick recalibration- another driver (our new beloved friend Joshua who has 18 mo old twins and works for this cool organization called ARM) saves the day. He shows up in 20 minutes (“mizungu time,” not “Ugandan time”) and we make a new plan. Dave takes Macy and Owen for a fun day at Speake resort, Tyra and Soph get to explore places on our list with Joshua, and I stay home with the twins (they were WAY too cranky for an adventure by this point and nap time was just 2 hours away). 

So, I got my first one-on-two time with Elias and Cora. It went well, I think. Moderate crying, a few tantrums, but definite laughter, and smiles too (special thanks to the bubbles I threw in my bag last minute for the biggest smiles). We played, ate, and kind of napped. The kids have been pretty good nappers, but today each of them awoke a couple times during the nap and went back down. Not bad, but for a mom who was trying to sleep too, not ideal. So no nap for me, but that’s ok!

The biggest issue with being alone with both kids was that they were both territorial with me. When there are two parents here, they split up, but with just me, it was an all-out competition for my attention, and my lap. Not too hard to navigate, except at bedtime when they both wanted to be held at the same time, ha! I’ll have to work on that.

Other noteworthy things in our household here:

  • Sophie and Macy have green hair from the pool (but Macy is ok with it because Sophie has it, too #herostatus)
  • We have no clean laundry. Been here two weeks and have had one day with a washer. Got about 3 loads done that day (each load takes 3-4 hours if you can believe it). We have been trying to hand wash and line dry, but drying on the line is hard when it’s rainy season in Uganda. Our clothes keep getting more wet when we hang them out to dry! Things like towels, T-shirts, pjs and underwear are in high demand over here.
  • Legos and planes are a big deal
  • We eat a flat of eggs, two loaves of bread and a huge bunch of bananas every other day. Trips to the market are a daily thing. 
  • The twin’s poop is starting to solidify (this is noteworthy- TRUST ME)
  • Sophie and Tyra’s adventure today didn’t turn out to be so adventurous. Apparently people think it’s really cold here, and when it rains no one wants to do anything. 
  • Macy and Owen did however get to go horseback riding in the rain today and then drink hot chocolate to warm up afterwards. Their adventure with daddy was a success (#captainfun)
  • We talk daily about our friends and life at home. We miss you all and want to know how you are doing. We are also feeling more and more at home here, which is good too.

1 thought on “(just the) daily update

  1. This. Blog. Is. Interesting.

    A. I wish I could help with the laundry.

    2. Legos and planes ARE a big deal.

    Six. I hope the embassy sees how awesome you two are. If they give you any problems or don’t understand that, just tell them to call me, And I will defend you guys, along with a hundred other people who have seen and know just how great you guys are as people and as parents. Boom. #imserious #tellthemtocallme #embassylyfe #numberingfail #prayforwasher

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