beauty: an addendum

I think I was pretty clear in my previous post. Our adventure out of town was absolutely beautiful. It’s not the kind of beauty that can be described, only experienced. It’s the kind where, while you are beholding it, you just can’t seem to take it in enough. Do you know that kind? The kind you never want to leave, but remain somehow in forever?

And then, reality hits, and it quickly becomes beauty and sadness. Sadness because your world has been opened and expanded in a way it was not before and your experience of beauty has deepened. Your eyes and heart have danced and sang to a new and oh-so-true song (beauty does that!) but the moment, the experience of living right in it, is temporary, passing, and must be left behind. Sure, there’s other beauty to be found and discovered and enjoyed, but that particular sweet beauty might not be experienced again in the same way, and that is sad.

It was hard to say goodbye to that corner of the world. The impact of it’s beauty will linger long, no doubt. It’s a song that will be stuck in my head for a lifetime. And I’m glad.

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