The interaction between Elias and Cora is so fun to watch. They cheer each other up, share food, sing songs (that none of us know except for them), play games, and have their own language they use to communicate. These two have weathered a lot together in their little lives already. I’m so glad they will have each other as they go forward, too.

This shot was not staged. Thanks to Soph for catching it on film!


5 thoughts on “solidarity

  1. Brings back such sweet sweet memories of my twin girls–Carrie and Melissa. They will always have a bond that not even a mother understands. They started out in the womb together-==these two precious children and will be forever bonded to each other. What a blessing to watch. Enjoy each moment.

  2. It literally makes my heart ache (in a heavenly, fulfilling, wonderful way) to see our ergo cradling your sweet lambs in these pics! Love you all!

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