how the kids are

A friend who spent time with us when we first got the twins has been away for two weeks and upon seeing the kids again remarked how different they are. Their demeanor, their comfort level and attachment to us, their behavior, and even the look of their faces and bodies is different. It’s hard for me to keep that perspective when we see them everyday and when the struggles still seem to be so real, but it’s true. The kids are a world different today than when we first got them.

exhibit a: There was silence in our house at BOTH nap and bedtime today. No crying or fussing- just two kids happily dozing off to sleep.

exhibit b: Macy and Owen approach the twins during a meal time and there is no fit thrown. No threat of food being stolen. Just smiles.

exhibit c: Elias sees (and hears) a vacuum cleaner for the first time tonight. He points and tries to mimic the sound (as opposed to screaming and jumping on a parents lap).

exhibit d: Some of the issues we have are actual, normal, 2 year old issues. Sharing and not wanting to be told “no” top that list.

Macy & Owen also continue to do well. School started this week for Macy, and so we started school here, too. We were fortunate enough to get her math and language arts books from her school (thank you Mrs. Roberts) and so we have started setting aside time every day to do some work in each book, and to work on her journal from the trip. She loves it. Owen has also been doing “school work,” each day (though his is unofficial). He loves doing his two workbooks and journals just like his big sister.

Macy is anxious to get back to her school to meet her teacher, see her class, and start to make new friends. She has not complained about being here, but she has said she doesn’t want to miss out on all that is going on there. I get it. I was feeling pretty sad about her having to miss the first day of school this week, too. It’s such an important milestone, and such a fun time of year. It’s hard to be gone.

Owen seems to have grown about a foot since we’ve been here (at least, to me, he looks HUGE). He eats and sleeps well, complains very little (except when I make him eat something he’s not super crazy about), and plays VERY well with both his older and younger siblings. He misses Isaac, Graham, Kallai and the whole crew at the nursery. He’s constantly asking me to text photos and share stories with his buddies, and he cannot wait to get home to see them all. He turns 5 a week from today!

3 thoughts on “how the kids are

  1. I love your updates, photos, thoughts. So glad that you got to do dinner in community with others, I know that is one of your love languages! I do not think that you can fully comprehend the impact of your updates on those of us back ‘home’. It is so incredible to be (virtually) on this journey with the Ludwig family. Know that you are LOVED and missed oodles and oodles – it is just not the same without seeing your awesome faces around here. So grateful that Elias and Cora are ‘settling in’ and have the opportunity to be ‘normal’ 2 year olds! They are deeply loved, both by their immediate family, as well as by their extended SA family. Riley reads updates when she needs a lift and a reminder that life is much, much bigger than college. Jess and I talk about your most recent updates, share the pictures with each other and seriously can NOT wait to meet the newest additions. What a journey you are all on! That Macy and Owen are doing so well speaks so incredibly about the amazing parents they have; the intentionality, the care, the love, the discipline that they receive from you and Dave. They are good cuz they know that they are LOVED – first by their heavenly Father and secondly, just as completely and unconditionally by their parents. Know you are prayed for regularly and loved always!

  2. We haven’t heard from all of you for several days now. Is everything ok? Praying for good outcomes with all of the red tape appts you are going through. Hope that is all that is going on. We pray daily for all of those little love bugs and of course the adults too!
    3 John 4
    Love, carole romero (Soph’s grandma)

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