a different kind of progress

We might not have had success at the Embassy this week, but we have had some very encouraging progress on the home-front. Elias and Cora have learned to sign the word “more.” This is a huge deal because, before they had a way of communicating their need peacefully, their requests for more food were continual, anxious, incredibly loud shrieks and cries (keep in mind they feed in a frenzy, thinking that they have to eat as fast as possible to get more food and to fill their bellies before the food runs out and they go hungry. Hence the continual whining). It made mealtime not very fun for any of us.

This tool has given the twins an easy way to communicate with us, and has lowered the stress level at meals for the family as a whole. It is such a relief to be making progress on the food and mealtime issues so quickly. I can’t even begin to tell you how big of a stressor this was for both the kids and for us just a few weeks ago. It’s good news.


Elias, demonstrating his new skill and thoroughly enjoying the reaction from the crowd when he does it.

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