hurry up and wait

This week it feels like we basically stood still when it comes to getting ourselves back home. We did get an Embassy appointment much faster than we thought and we were super excited/encouraged by that. But when we got there and turned in all of our documents, two errors were discovered- one on the passports (the passports again?! ugh) and another on the probation letter. This means a few days of setbacks and waiting while our lawyer is trying to get those documents updated so that the Embassy has what it needs (note: the embassy did give me props on the thoroughness and quality of the paperwork I had filled out, which I was excited about until they told me the news of the things that need to be corrected before we can move forward).

If it weren’t for these setbacks, we would have for sure been able to make our scheduled plane flight home. Now, it is looking very doubtful we will make our flight as we are pushed back several days in the process. I keep reminding myself that it’s just days, and that after being here for so long it’s not that big of a deal, but it feels like a big deal, and I’m not thrilled about it. I was really hoping to avoid spending the money to change the plane flights, and really hoping to get the kids back in school ASAP. I was also hoping for a chai from Starbucks…

So, now we keep waiting, and we see what happens. It drives me slightly crazy that I have no control over this process, and that I can’t figure out if we should pay to change tickets, or leave them as-is in hopes of some unlikely surprise in timing. I know we are in good company as so many stories I’ve heard from families that have gone before us here have ended the same way with the visa process, and I also know that it will work out to be no big deal in the grand scheme of things. Here’s to (at least) one more “crazy” to embrace before heading home.

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