making friends

Met some new friends this week- three families that are also here in the adoption process. They are all in the “embassy” phase of the process, so it was really encouraging to share stories and information and to just be in the same space as people who have an idea about what we are going through.

Owen actually introduced me to the third couple today. He was playing on the trampoline at our favorite restaurant and came over to tell me about his new friend Noah who is from “Indiana” (he was actually from Idaho, but “A” for effort, Owen) and who is 5 years old too and is adopting. He asked me to go meet his parents and took me over there. Sure enough, he was right and a great connection was made. It’s crazy to see how encouraging it is for our bio kids to meet other kids who are in the adoption process, too. I guess we all need reminders that we are not alone!

We are hoping to have these three families over for dinner some time in the next few days so our kids can play and we can commiserate (and enjoy each other’s company of course). I’m looking forward to that.

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