yet another reason our kids think this place is awesome

Here in Uganda our most popular mode of transport is either our feet, or a really sweet diesel van. A few of us have taken a ride on a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi), but that’s not endorsed or advised and won’t be talked any more about here, ha! We’ve spent many a day driving around the city and many a dollar filling up our ride with gas. Early in our trip we had a few surprises at the pump, namely, the van being left on while being fueled and then the van being “rocked” so that it can be filled to the very maximum. I had to make an attempt to catch it on film, just so you could get a feel for what I’m talking about. As you watch, imagine being inside the car as it’s being rocked like this (it’s happened to us multiple times). Obviously, the kids love it and think it’s hilarious. We might have had a few laughs as well.

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