fair warning

I know it’s been a quiet two weeks on the blog, but be fore-warned… a day is coming soon when there will be a fury of updates. Some of these updates will be ones from our days in Uganda- stories, musings and photos that I just did not have time (or energy) to finish and share at the time. Others will be updates from since we have been back- how the kids and family are doing, plus some other random and thought-provoking things I’ve been wrestling with.

Until then, thanks to all of you who have encouraged me about this blog and who have asked for more posts. Know that right now I’m focused on the most important work of transitioning the family well, and that as soon as there is some bandwidth in the evening hours (meaning that I don’t fall asleep sitting upright while trying to turn on the computer), you’ll hear from me.

5 thoughts on “fair warning

  1. I love getting your updates and pictures of all of your family. As the mom of only one adopted son, I sorta understand the process. Enjoy your little family while they are little and continue to love on those beautiful babies. All too soon they will all be grown up. Our son is now 30. My goodness how time flies!

  2. I am excited for the updates, when they come, but am very glad to hear that you are doing what is best right now and focusing your energy where its needed most. I continue to pray for all of you! Enjoy this precious (although I am sure hard and exhausting!) time!

  3. YAY! I have missed waking up and starting my day with a post from you each day ( most times more than 1 per day!) It was a connection with you all that I was missing. You do write beautifully and bring us all in, as if we were 5 years old again, sitting in a circle on the floor of our kindergarten room, taking in the teachers every word. Love you all- Mom

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