current family portraitI’ve always loved control and order. I like to have a schedule, a clean house, and organized cupboards. I like to sleep in and have quiet mornings, and I like to stay up late and play my music as loud as I want.

Life these last 5 years has been an ongoing lesson in flexibility. I have had to learn how to be completely out of control, to set aside dishes and chores to play (or to rest, or really to do anything at all), to tolerate disorganized cupboards and a little bit of dust on the shelves. I’ve learned how to use the restroom, do a kids’ hair and check my email all at the same time. I’ve learned how to change the soiled sheets of a bunk bed at 3am without waking up the other child and then learned how to be patient when the second child wakes up an hour later and I get to do it all again.

I’ve also learned that I love this new craziness and that without at least a little mess, life is a lot less fun. I love my kids and the endless energy, life and chaos they have brought to the home. Sure, its crazy at times (most times!) but I wouldn’t trade it. Instead, I’m embracing it more and more. This year our family starts a new adventure in craziness- we will bring 2 more children into the home and into our family.  We could not be more excited.

I’m sure I have more lessons to learn, more to loosen my grip on, and a new level of flexibility to embrace. But I hear it’s temporary craziness and that one-day we will look back on it and wish we could live it all over again. And so, I relish in it and take it all in. And I live today: embracing crazy.

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