musical accompaniment: soundtracks that keep me company on the journey

Getting ready for tomorrow’s embassy appointment while listening to Air Review, a band I heard and liked before coming to Uganda, but now enjoy more deeply since some new friends on the plane ride here (who know the band) said that their latest album, Low Wishes, was written out of the lead singers adoption journey. Since my own journey through our adoption process has driven me to write and think and question so much, I appreciate the creative outputs of others who have gone through the process as well. In this season I’m especially thankful for writers who put the raw truths of life to music. My playlists these days are a random mix of these sorts of songs that remind me I’m not alone and that give words and insight to emotions and experiences I haven’t been able to name yet. Music that keeps me company (and keeps me going). That’s good news.

Also good news- Air Review is playing a show in LA in November. #yesplease

today’s highlights

For those of you who check this blog for the personal family updates, I apologize for the random “what to do in Uganda” posts and some of the other general adoption commentary you are getting. I know that when you get an email notifying you that I have made a post you are probably hoping for new kid pictures or stories (not frozen yogurt shops or cool Ugandan eateries). Please don’t be frustrated! For those of us in the international adoption process, it can feel like we are on an island with no concrete information and no clear idea about what to expect. We lean heavily on the experiences of others through blogs and Facebook groups. It is a tremendous help to read about the experience of others when you are preparing to enter the same season, and you are in-country looking for trustworthy recommendations on food, kid-friendly places to visit, or coping strategies for difficult behavior, it is the virtual community that really sheds light and encouragement on a very lonely road. I have benefited much from the postings of others, and so I too am trying to share the love with some of the things that are keeping us sane in the process. Thanks for understanding!

So now, without further adieu, the day’s update:

  • another rainy winter day here (which I am really loving). I am starting to feel very at home in the village where we live, in the city, and in the place we are staying. I’ve been thinking a lot about the transition home, which all of a sudden seems to be coming quickly, and how much I will miss certain things about life here.
  • the washer got fixed today. Kind of. But it runs for the most part, so it’s an encouragement. I am hopeful that they will return tomorrow with the final solution. I have never got so much joy out of doing laundry before in my life. It’s a big deal, especially when you have 4 little kids and 2 of them poop like crazy (blowouts apparently aren’t just for infants any more).
  • took the big kids on a little date for some frozen yogurt. Trying to find times when they can be around Dave or myself without the twins so they can feel like they get our primary attention. This was super fun. It was also fun driving the city with just the older kids. It’s a totally different experience!
  • Elias (e-lie-us for those who aren’t sure) and Cora created their own walking-aid today out of a cylinder container we have here for legos. They turn it over and push it all around the house while walking. It’s so fun to see them mobile on their own. The speed of their development already has me so surprised. It’s just been 2 weeks!
  • Macy was in a creative mood today and spent most of the day with her journal (a notebook I bought her for the trip) in tow making all kinds of entries. Most entries were stories from our trip so far with classic illustrations to go with them. There were two that did not have a story, but were just portraits. I have included them below. I love seeing her express herself and develop her love for story and writing. She’s good at it, and I’m proud.
  • I took an african hip hop class tonight. One of today’s highlights for sure. Half the class was a tribal/pop style dance, and the other half was more zumba/reggatone. I’ll be sore tomorrow. Hip hop and yogurt… some things transcend culture. #feelingathome
  • Dave ordered a new shirt yesterday that is being custom made for him. Be excited about that. Some of you who know him well might be able to guess what it looks like… it’s of the long sleeved varietal. 
  • Owen still thinks “everything is awesome.” He sleeps in, eats well, wrestles his little brother, works in his journal, sings all the time, plays superheroes, misses his buddies, and throws the football like a champ. Oh, and he LOVES hugs from his mom. She’s not complaining.
  • Sophie and Tyra are doing well. They are managing to be a huge help here while still finding time to get out and explore a bit. I’m so thankful for these ladies and their sacrifice to join us on this journey. 
  • We have a few days “off” before passports are ready and before embassy appointments, IOM screening, and visa interviews commence. We are going to try and play a little bit and enjoy this beautiful place!

IMG_8043 IMG_8046

Cora & Elias. Drawn by Macy (6 years old) Note: Elias has more hair than Cora. #truestoryrightnow


Tyra, being awesome to the twins even though she was trying to read.



Got to talk with some people who work for this company at their local shop in Kampala at the Acacia Mall. I love that they are about- redefining the value of ‘African,’ changing the perception of local productions, and increasing the value of African products. #goodnews

Bonus: their store is really cool!

introducing… your family.

When I mentioned to our agency that Macy was having a hard time with the wait, they suggested we put together some drawings and photos to send to “brother and sister” so that our kids could feel like they were participating in the process and so our new children could begin to get to know our faces.

Today I took the kids on a Starbucks date to work on our book. Needless to say, it was very meaningful and fun for them (and for me). Thank you Robin for the great idea!!


20140715-001444-884038.jpg(a few of the pages from our family photo book, headed to “Basr and Sister” in Uganda)


what we do while we wait (cont’d)




A few more from Macy’s anticipatory art collection. These include a shot of Macy peering through the window as I approached (artwork in proud display), a drawing of a zebra and an airplane (because she’s excited to go there to pick them up), and a picture of what she thinks her brother and sister might look like. I love her excitement and that it has not dwindled even though the process is slow! Clearly she is very excited and thinking about her new siblings all the time.