marketplace mentality

Things I will miss about living in Uganda: the quantity, affordability, and variety of produce that continually fills my fridge, counter, and cabinets. Also, the price of this produce.

I’ll also miss the (almost) daily trips to the market, the international foods, drinks, and spices that are so easily accessible there, shopping at the butcher for meat, the bakery for bread, the produce stand for fruits and veggies, and Nakumatt (or Game) for just about everything else.

What initially seemed like such an inconvenience (shopping daily AND the variety of places you have to go) has actually turned into a gift. It has forced us to eat and live simpler, to be more intentional with how we spend money and time, and to move at a slower pace. Shopping is also a much more relational experience this way, as we often learn the name and story of the shop/stand owners because we visit the same ones (within closest proximity to our house) on such a regular basis. Here shopping feels less consumeristic and more about the building and nourishing of a community. I like that. #thingstothinkaboutstateside

our daily bread

I often pray through the Lord’s Prayer when I lack the ability to pray anything on my own (it’s either that, or some sort of breath-prayer that lacks words and cohesion and is more of a fumbling or groan). There have been many days of this type of utterance on our trip, when words seem to fail and the only thing I can think to do is to return to the words of Jesus himself when he taught the disciples how to pray. On my run this morning I got tripped up by the part that says, “give us this day our daily bread.”  A lot of people here don’t get to eat regularly, or very well at all. Friends we have made are struggling to feed their children. Even as I ran I saw a lot of people working really hard to earn their daily bread (on a Saturday)- fishermen out on the water, children working in fields, women in the marketplace. I wonder if they pray this prayer? I wonder if they feel it goes unanswered? I wonder what provision really looks like and what Jesus is really teaching the disciples to ask for? What does this prayer mean in a context where there is seemingly no provision? #reframing #thingstothinkabout


This is where I stopped to watch the fishing boats and to really think through what I was praying. #beautyandmystery