musical accompaniment: soundtracks that keep me company on the journey

Getting ready for tomorrow’s embassy appointment while listening to Air Review, a band I heard and liked before coming to Uganda, but now enjoy more deeply since some new friends on the plane ride here (who know the band) said that their latest album, Low Wishes, was written out of the lead singers adoption journey. Since my own journey through our adoption process has driven me to write and think and question so much, I appreciate the creative outputs of others who have gone through the process as well. In this season I’m especially thankful for writers who put the raw truths of life to music. My playlists these days are a random mix of these sorts of songs that remind me I’m not alone and that give words and insight to emotions and experiences I haven’t been able to name yet. Music that keeps me company (and keeps me going). That’s good news.

Also good news- Air Review is playing a show in LA in November. #yesplease