love notes


love notes

This morning Macy came into the room bearing her latest art projects. As she proudly presented them to me she said, “Mom, I need you to mail these to my brother and sister in Africa. I want them to know we are thinking about them and that we love them.”

Looking forward to the day when we know those little names and faces (and genders!) and can drop these love notes in the mail for real… until then, dear “brother and sister”, we love you and we are thinking about you constantly.

what we do while we wait (cont’d)




A few more from Macy’s anticipatory art collection. These include a shot of Macy peering through the window as I approached (artwork in proud display), a drawing of a zebra and an airplane (because she’s excited to go there to pick them up), and a picture of what she thinks her brother and sister might look like. I love her excitement and that it has not dwindled even though the process is slow! Clearly she is very excited and thinking about her new siblings all the time.