paperwork: a eulogy


I have spent many a long and late night with these papers over the last year and a half.I have kept them close at all hours of the day, protecting and caring for them. They have become an extension of me, and I have come to know their every detail well. I have laughed, and I have cried with these papers, and I have labored hard to make sure they were ready for their day of departure. That day has come. I know that they are now fulfilling their ultimate purpose, and that brings me great joy, though their departure will leave a significant empty space in my purse, and in my evenings going forward.

Thank you paperwork for the great gift you leave behind- two little treasures that are sure to give me something to do with all the time your absence will create in my life. You have laid a foundation that will forever leave the world a different place.

(and thank you Tyra for capturing the last night of paperwork bliss. Note the huge stack of papers in the bottom front and the piles in the middle left. That’s a little bit of crazy I’m happy to not be embracing so closely any longer!)